UTMB Edition at the Suunto House

The fourth edition of our outdoor night series was a special edition. Our first out of Girona and at Chamonix for the UTMB week at the Suunto House.

We hosted another big night for outdoor lovers to enjoy two films about Trail running, athletes and history. 50 people came to the Suunto house, where we spent the whole week creating activities for athletes and the community for the Finish brand. 

Philipp and Nico introduced both films. The first movie was  Alp Front Trail, which is a film about celebrating unity. The second was Wall Run, a film to celebrate the fall of the Berlin Wall, eight athletes ran the 1400 km border that divided east and west Germany from 1952 to 1990.

It was a really cool night where we enjoyed a good talk after the movies with beers and food.

Glad to see there people from the community and other sports brands supporting our initiative. 

If you missed this outdoor night, here you’ll fins the films, watch them at home!

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