The Arctic Post Road & Sami Sauri

The idea behind our outdoor nights it’s more than just doing an outdoor screening night, it’s to share the unknowns, preparation, and knowledge about the topic we picked up with other people willing to listen and be inspired for their life and future adventures.

On the last outdoor night, we had the chance to watch the last film from Sami Sauri & Henna Palosaari: The Arctic Post Road bikepacking route follows the remnants of the old Copenhagen-Alta post road starting from the fells of Pallas-Ylläs national park in Finnish Lapland and runs through the Finnmark highlands all the way to Alta on the Arctic Ocean.

We watched the film at Força 13 and people had the chance to ask Sami more about the adventure and how she prepares it when she’s doing her bikepacking journeys. 

Grateful to have Força 13 plenty of outdoor lovers to support our initiatives to grow the community around Athletic Affair.

Thanks, Estrella Damm for supporting us with the beers, Kat/Força to open the space for us, and Sami to share the experience with us. 

See you at the next one! and if you miss it here you have the film

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